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The E4 Process

At The Right Result (TRR), we understand that no two clients are exactly alike. We have developed a series of best practices, supported by tools and output products, designed to meet the unique requirements of every customer. Our approach is best understood when one recognizes the TRR E4 Process.

E4 encompasses the following steps designed to create an optimal working environment, increase process efficiencies and lowering the cost of communications while capturing all customer (member) critical information related our client’s business communications. By embracing E4, clients will see results.

Step 1: Evaluate
Evaluate the current process as related to the immediate and longer term goals of the client. TRR will provide the client with a detailed SOW, Discovery Agreement or GAP analysis so both companies understand the current process and the desired outcome.  Proper evaluation leads to the establishment of agreed upon milestones and goals. Understanding and outlining the critical milestones within the scope of work is vital to the client’s goal reaching a successful conclusion.

Step 2: Engineer
TRR will engineer the correct solutions and workflow to meet your desired goals. Our robust online composition and workflow capabilities allow for the elimination of outdated and physically limiting technology. Additionally, our open source environment will allow clients to bridge any best in class systems already established within their workplace. Using the most up to date technology, we are able achieve the highest performance from what clients have in place, thus reducing the cost to improve their workflow, both upstream and down.

Step 3: Educate
TRR’s management and the client services teams will work in unison to execute the proper solution sets to meet our client’s needs. We’ll partner closely with a person(s) from your company and train this person(s) to the level of team leader for any technology based solution we deploy. We will in fact, “train your trainer”.  The education process doesn’t stop there, it only begins. Throughout the entire communication lifecycle, as your strategic partner, it’s our responsibility to bring forth solutions, considerations, cost analysis, alternative specifications, and more. We strive to equip each client with the tools and knowledge necessary make the very best decisions possible for their business.

Step 4: Execute
When we implement agreed upon solutions, clients will have been trained and the processes updated to support their new goals. TRR will be there with you every step of the way. We support the following models to assure that the changes you authorize are put into effect properly and deliver the optimal results.

  • Account and Project Management: TRR will assign an Account Manager, Project Developer or an entire team to service the client based on their unique needs. The person(s) will be part of a team whose sole responsibility is to assure our client’s successful adoption of the solutions deployed. TRR is an extension of our client’s business so all of your business communication needs will be supported.
  • Discover and Document: From the evaluation process TRR will provide a SOW or Discovery Agreement that outlines project or business objectives, from current status to desired status, and every milestone and timeline needed for completion. By mutually understanding and outlining all requirements and milestones we can successfully meet all of our client’s goals and objectives.
  • Measurable Results: When time to market is an issue and deliverables are important to the success of our client’s business, TRR will provide a high level of accountability and performance our clients expect, in a real time environment, backed by change management which delivers measureable, positive results.

TRR’s E4 approach to managing necessary change will leave clients feeling comfortable in knowing exactly what will transpire and when. This knowledge will enable clients to seamlessly manage and meet expectations of their business. At TRR, it comes down to understanding our client’s needs and delivering the best way to help you achieve them.


Delivering the right message, to the right person, through the right channel, at the right time = The Right Result!

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Our Mission is to provide well developed solutions, based on current CMS regulations and Medicare experience,

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At The Right Result (TRR), we understand that no two clients are exactly alike. We have developed a series of best practices

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